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Long term partner Buffalo is efficient, compliant with legislation, and good value for its clients.



Buffalo Fundraising Consultants is a leading consultancy firm specialising in regular giving programmes for a wide-range of charities. It has raised millions of pounds for the not-for-profit sector such as education, health and arts charities.

Buffalo develops regular giving programmes and fundraising sustainability by developing strategy and acting as an extension of charities’ fundraising team. They have excelled in delivering successful fundraising campaigns and maintaining long term partnerships with clients.

Partnership and Solutions

Data8 has been providing data solutions to Buffalo for over 8 years. This long term relationship continues strongly, as Data8 continually meets the data demands of Buffalo in a competitive industry. To achieve high levels of data cleanliness, and adhere to industry standards of dealing diligently with data, Buffalo uses the following solutions:

  • Deduplication - Identifies duplicate contacts, and deletes them
  • Movers and Goneaways - Traces changed addresses and adds the new address
  • Landline and Mobile Live number testing - Tests whether phone numbers are valid in real time
  • Deceased Flagging - Highlights deceased contacts
  • PAF cleansing - Ensures addresses are accurate and up to date
  • Email validation - Checks email addresses are correct, complete, and without errors


Buffalo sees the benefit of using cleansing and enhancing solutions in these ways:

  • Cost savings - Reducing numbers of invalid and uncontactable contact details increases the efficiency of Buffalo’s outgoing communications. This high level of efficiency enables Buffalo to be highly cost effective
  • Being cost effective for clients - Buffalo’s primary aim is to raise money for its clients. Higher contact rates naturally increases the financial return for clients, as the more prospects who are contacted, the higher the probability of securing funding. This has been the pattern for Buffalo, evidenced in the success of their fundraising campaigns and the resulting customer satisfaction.
  • Providing Data Cleansing enriches its services - Buffalo is also a Data8 Data Quality Partner, and offers database enrichment services to its clients. Buffalo has packaged the data cleansing services to accommodate its client’s data enriching requirements. This contributes to the success of the long term relationships Buffalo has developed with clients, and also brings about upselling opportunities, as it’s another way to meet business’ requirements.

Buffalo is efficient, as it doesn’t use invalid numbers, it is compliant with legislation, and it offers good value for its clients, who are looking for maximum returns on their investment.

“Our long term partnership with Data8 is cost effective for both us and our clients. Data Quality enables a high level of efficiency and ROI for us both”

Jonathan Bird, Head of Software Services, Buffalo


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