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Chana re-engage with donors and improve contact rates



Chana is a Jewish Fertility charity which has been providing emotional and practical support to Jewish couples for over 20 years. The Charity are committed to reducing feelings of isolation through providing counselling and specialist medical support. As well as their extensive support services, they have an online library and their own magazine, which enable couples to gain understanding and draw strength from the experiences of others.


Chana had large amounts of old contact data with whom they wanted to communicate through telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. They were aware however of its poor quality and they sought data cleansing solutions to minimise wasted time and money on conducting campaigns based on inaccurate data.


  • to re-engage supporters with whom they’d lost contact
  • to extend their reach and build a strong support base
  • to have confidence that their campaign process is streamlined to maximum efficiency
  • to ensure their return on investment for campaigns is enhanced


To achieve Chana’s objective of efficiently conducting campaigns, they opted in for a number of services which would not only cleanse their data, but enhance, extend and append the old data they held.

  • Movers - Those who moved house were identified and their new addresses provided.
  • Phone Validation- Telephone numbers were flagged as active or inactive numbers.
  • Goneaways and deceased records were flagged up
  • Mobiles and landlines were appended using a consented lifestyle source, BT Osis.

(BT Osis is a telephone directory containing over 27m individuals and businesses.)

  • Addresses were cleansed according to The Postcode Address File (PAF).
  • PAF is the official Royal Mail database of all known addresses in the UK, containing 28 million addresses)


Cleansing and appending the data left Chana with a high quality database which allows the charity to confidently conduct efficient marketing campaigns and strengthen their support base.

They benefitted with the following:

  • Increased integrity of their CRM
  • Improved contact rates, increasing return on investment for calling campaigns
  • Able to re-engage contacts who had changed address
  • PAF standardisation and correction information for mailing campaigns improved the structure of their data, making data analysis much easier
  • Their brand is preserved as inappropriate communication isn’t sent out to those who’ve moved away, or deceased records.
  • Confidence that the charity is compliant with all legislation

Chana were particularly impressed with the consultative approach of Data8 and the help they received from their Account Manager. The solutions were carried out quickly and produced excellent results.

“The high quality data we received enables us to reach out and connect with old and new supporters. The service we received was excellent, we highly recommend it”  

Ben Robbins, Operations Manager

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