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comparemymove.com create an uninterrupted customer experience

The success of comparemymove.com has been built upon saving user’s money and enabling great moving experiences, this has allowed them to grow rapidly over the last few years.

comparemymove.com is the UK's number one removals comparison website. It provides free removal quotes from a network of hand-picked removal companies across the UK and internationally. It makes life easier for home movers by providing a personal, accessible and caring comparison service.


Users of the comparemymove.com website were frequently filling in contact forms incorrectly, making mistakes with their contact details. comparemymove.com match user’s requirements to removal companies within their professional network, and generate leads for them. Providing incorrect details to business customers causes inconvenience, lost revenue and can damage the professional relationship.


Generating high quality leads with accurate contact details is crucial for maintaining comparemymove.com strong professional network. comparemymove.com sought to minimise inaccuracies in order to:

  • Maintain strong business relationships by passing on correct contact details
  • Minimise lost revenue due to unreliable lead generation
  • Maintain its reputation and brand by being efficient and reliable for customers
  • Create an easier and smoother user experience, to deliver the best possible customer service


Data8 provided the following solutions which were added to comparemymove.com website forms, minimising mistakes at the lead capture stage:

  • Postcode API - The PostcodeLookup™ tool finds accurate addresses from an incomplete or inaccurate address, preventing the incorrect details from entering the system.
  • Phone Validation – The service checks that both mobile and landline numbers are valid so incomplete numbers or uncallable numbers can’t be entered.
  • Email Address Validation – The email validation tool checks that email addresses are correct and complete. If they are not, the intelligent tool suggests corrections in both the username and domain parts of the address.


comparemymove.com saw a decrease in the amount of incorrect contact details in their system.  The real time data validation API embedded into their lead generation forms improves the customer’s overall experience as there’s no delay in receiving the quote they were looking for.

Providing accurate information also keeps the professional relationships and brand strong, as the accurate and reliable contact information moves smoothly from users through comparemymove.com, and into their professional network.

“Data8’s API's are effective and the account management is always excellent. They are always quick to respond and always thorough, delivering exactly what we need”

David Sayce, Co-founder & Director, Comparemymove.com

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