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Data Cleansing led to better quality data which improved campaign responses resulting in improved ROI



DDL are direct marketing specialists who provide proactive direct marketing and related services.

DDL is at the cutting edge of direct marketing through being a one stop solution for all aspects of direct marketing. DDL offers specialist solutions through data, design and print, direct mail, consultancy, and research and analysis departments. Their comprehensive range of services delivers exceptional return on investment for their clients.

DDL Group has built up a reputation for leading the way in the use of cutting-edge statistical systems to realise the value in client databases.


DDL’s Data department relies on having impeccable data processes in place to deliver high quality data solutions, and deliver the returns their clients expect. DDL needed to provide the best possible return on investment for their clients, and to do this needed data cleansing solutions. The accuracy ensures that all processes are optimised and no investment is wasted.


DDL used Data8’s data cleansing solutions which are flexible and customisable to suit their precise requirements. DDL used the following data solutions to cleanse and enrich their data.

  • Postal Address File (PAF) cleansing
  • Deduplication of data
  • Deceased checks
  • Adding missing data and profiling

DDL Group chose to use Data8’s solutions after doing extensive testing of competitors. The company found that the solutions offered were of equal or better standard than others in the industry, the pricing was very flexible, and the up time of the service was exceptional.


DDL increased their data quality and increased the efficiency of their marketing solutions, improving their service delivery to their clients.

Through enriching their data, DDL saw the following success:

  • Better response rates for marketing campaigns
  • Better return on investment for their marketing campaigns
  • Better service delivery by offering excellence across all aspects of direct marketing.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction

“Our clients want to make sure that their data is marketable. Occasionally we are asked to profile existing data and sometimes to add pertinent data where it is missing”

– David Bingle, Managing Director, DDL Group.

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