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Faulks & Cox Ltd improved conversions and reduced cart abandonment using Data8's Validation Services



Based in the UK, Faulks & Cox Ltd are the creators, manufacturers and distributors of international brands including Tubtrugs®, Gorilla Tubs®, Tyre Rubber™, Wm. Faulks®, Versa-Tub™ & Multi-Bin™. The company has grown from its humble beginnings in agricultural markets to make an international footprint in various industries. They have a passion for creating great products and it shows in the quality and craftsmanship of their products. With the increase in online shopping in the past few years, Faulks & Cox introduced their online shop and have focused on increasing online sales in addition to selling through traditional methods.


Faulks & Cox have invested in Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign to increase lead generation and their online presence. To increase the ROI of their Adwords campaign spend, they needed to enhance their user online shopping experience and in turn increase conversions. They also needed a tool that integrates seamlessly with OpenCart, their shopping cart system.


One of the ways to increase conversions and reduce time in the online buying process is to set up a validation tool embedded in the shopping cart system. Faulks & Cox evaluated several application in the OpenCart marketplace but chose Data8 due to the speed and ease of installation. “I was amazed at how instantly it worked,” said Lea Moulds, Website Development Executive at Faulks & Cox. “I’ve also been impressed by the fast and thorough support that we received. The support group helped us install it to our specifications and had it up and running within 24 hours.”


Ever since using the address validation tool, Faulks & Cox have seen a significant increase in conversions and their cart abandonment has decreased by 20-30%.  This has enabled the company to spend more on Google AdWords campaign and see a higher return on the investment. “It has immensely enhanced the online buying experience for our customers and ensured that the addresses captured are always accurate, which is critical for our on-time deliveries.” Lea Moulds, Website Development Executive.

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