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IOCEA enhances address accuracy by installing PostcodeLookup™



IOCEA creates end to end ecommerce solutions for a digital experience that increases engagement, visibility and revenue. The company’s offerings include ready to use and bespoke online stores for all business needs. It encompasses the latest technology to design and create customer focussed sites with fantastic functionality. IOCEA’s highly successful CShop platform has been delivering innovative e-commerce solutions for over 15 years.


IOCEA needed a highly reliable system to sell on as its product. Without a way to minimise invalid addresses, its product would not be up to standard in the competitive market.


IOCEA recognised that being exceptionally efficient and reliable for competitive advantage in the market would mean improving the address capture process. IOCEA was looking for a reliable and long term data solutions provider that offered excellent services at a competitive rate. IOCEA needed:

  • A solution which could be easily integrated into its system and managed in- house
  • Highly accurate details to offer a reliable service to its customers
  • A long term partner that would provide data validation to meet IOCEA’s ongoing business requirements


IOCEA decided to install PostcodeLookup™ into its system to ensure incoming addresses are not invalid. This real time validation means any invalid addresses can be dealt with immediately, and not go on to cause issues further down the line. The solution was scalable, precisely meeting IOCEA’s business requirements. The integration of the solution was also easy; it was seamlessly integrated into IOCEA’s existing system.


Installing PostcodeLookup™ into the system has increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, giving IOCEA a competitive edge:

  • Using PostcodeLookup™ has led to IOCEA providing repeat business to its existing customers
  • The increased accuracy of the addresses it provides has driven up customer satisfaction
  • The solution saves IOCEA time and money, enabling them to provide an excellent service through a cost effective solution

“We have a high quality system which minimises bad data, saving us time and money, thanks to PostcodeLookup™”

Garry Bilson, Technical Director, Iocea.com




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