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LeadStream stops invalid contact details infiltrating CRM



LeadStream are specialists in lead generation, sticking to a small selection of lead types in premium consumer finance. They deliver hot key transfers and booked appointments from internet-generated premium leads, directly to advisers. Leadstream ensure that every lead it provides is a genuine live lead, which makes contact rates outstanding. Contact rates are 100% for hot key leads and 95% on booked appointments, compared to an industry average of 70%.


When LeadStream approached Data8 it was having difficulty assessing whether all the lead information generated was actually accurate. The call team spent time qualifying the lead before passing the client over to a qualified FCA adviser. As a lead provider it was essential to put mechanisms in place to ensure the quality of information being received and passed on.


Accuracy is crucial to LeadStream’s reliability and success in the lead generation industry. LeadStream’s objectives were:

  • To ensure the accuracy and the quality of leads doesn’t falter, to deliver the best service to their clients.
  • To maintain a professional relationship with the companies with whom they’re passing leads on to, such as the Key Man insurance brokerage Business Protection Expert.
  • To continue being at the forefront of internet generated leads by attaining the highest professional standards.


The solution to LeadStream’s issue of inaccurate details infiltrating their system, was to install data validation tools:

  • Landline and Mobile Validation- The service checks at the initial moment of data entry whether the phone number is complete and callable. The real time solutions flags up inaccurate or incomplete numbers so they don’t get past the initial moment of data capture.
  • Salacious Name Checking- The service eliminates contacts who seem to have maliciously or accidentally entered unusable details so as not to be contacted. It identifes names that are salacious such as 'Mickey Mouse' or a swear word, random records (e.g. 'sdfsdfs') or blank records.


The data validation solutions enable LeadStream to operate with confidence in the accuracy of the contact details they are gathering and passing on. LeadStream noted:

  • Improved contact rates as fewer leads containing hoax details make it into their CRM.
  • Higher conversion rates especially within Life Insurance leads, which reached 42%.
  • Reduction in time spent on failed call attempts and rectifying the poor quality data
  • The enhanced ability to regulate the quality of leads from different sources and suppliers, saves time and money as they don’t have to weed out inaccurate data at a later point.

"Using Data8 helps our business function at its most profitable. There is no downside to investing in a tool which ensures you are collecting the most up to date information about your customers."

 M. Milnes, CEO, LeadStream

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