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A Single Customer View enabled Norman Hay to identify shared customers and prospects allowing increased cross selling



Norman Hay PLC is a multimillion pound specialist chemicals company operating world-wide. With over 60 years of experience, the company is committed to providing world class products and expertise. The Group is made up of four major companies: SIFCO, Surface Technology, NHE and Ultraseal.


Norman Hay PLC had three key challenges when they approached Data8:

  • With four companies operating independently of each other, transparency was a key requirement. Four unconnected systems needed consolidating into one master CRM, to create a single customer view, in order to provide visibility.
  • The lack of automation meant updates were completed manually. Sales managers would spend an entire day to get a proper weekly sales report. Their CRM wasn’t giving them the analytics they needed when they needed it.
  • Data Quality was the final challenge to overcome. Their data needed cleansing and enriching as it was outdated and full of gaps. They also wanted to ensure data quality on a regular process to avoid a backlog of poor data quality.

“Our data hadn’t been cleansed for several years, so you can imagine the state that it was in!”

– Jeremy Salisbury, Director Strategic Business Development & Marketing, Norman Hay.


  • Data8 implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, configured to meet the complex needs of the company. The single customer view introduced visibility across the different groups. 
  • Data8 implemented automation into Norman Hay’s CRM system, making data collection and data analysis quick and accurate. The automation includes data validation tools such as address lookup, email validation and telephone validation. Data validation speeds up the process of entering customer contact details and protects against inaccurate data entering the company’s system.



  • Data analysis tools were added into the CRM system to provide managers with insight. These dashboards run in real-time and can be accessed at any point.


  • Real-time validation tools were implemented on all of the websites where there were capture forms. This ensured that all new data is accurate as well as appending important information about the company directly into CRM.


  • The final solution that Data8 provided for Norman Hay PLC was data cleansing. The cleanse checked the data for duplicates, such as companies that have moved or no longer exist, as well as adding any missing details from address, email, telephone and financial details. 


Norman Hay’s transformed data and CRM system brought reliability, cohesion and transparency across their different groups and companies.

Enhanced Sales performance

  • Managers gained access to dashboards of reports showing them exactly what their team had done that week, month or year.
  • Being able to identify shared customers and prospects increases cross selling and up selling.
  • Analytics means sales teams receive valuable information prior to contacting a prospect enabling smarter sales, and personalised marketing and communications.

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Sales management efficiency has improved due to increased visibility of sales performance and sales activities.
  • The improved data quality increases the contact rate.

 “Data8 have helped us to gain overall visibility of our data and ensures our data is up-to-date, allowing us to see areas that we can improve across the organisation.”

 – Jeremy Salisbury, Director Strategic Business Development & Marketing, Norman Hay.


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