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QuoteSupermarket.com has helped over 100,000 customers find competitive quotes for the best insurance and financial products on the market. The company saves customers time and money by finding the best available deals on the market for the lowest price possible.


QuoteSupermarket.com frequently received enquires through their website from customers whose telephone numbers or email addresses were incorrect, making it very difficult to contact the customer.

QuoteSupermarket.com was also launching an online life insurance portal where customers can find quotes, apply online and enter their direct debit details. It was important to ensure that the information provided was genuine and validated against fraud.


The main objective was to capture data that was genuine and accurate at the online form stage, so when the enquiry is passed to the advisor to call, they know they have a genuine enquiry and accurate data to use. They wanted to streamline the process to make it more efficient. It was imperative that the solution didn’t disrupt or delay the customer journey, so they sought real-time validation embedded into lead capture forms.


Data8 implemented a tool which could validate all contact details on entry. The integration was exceptionally easy, causing no disruption to customers or processes. The real time validation services embedded into QuoteSupermarket.com’s website forms included:

  • Email Validation which checks email addresses are correct, complete, and without errors
  • Telephone Validation for Landline and Mobile Validation, which checks numbers aren’t mistyped or unavailable
  • PostcodeLookup™, which  retrieves accurate addresses from a postcode or partial address using Royal Mail’s UK Postcode Address File (PAF)           


Introducing validation services means that the data captured at the online form stage is accurate:

  • The customer journey is seamless due to the real-time validation within CRM
  • The solutions are cost effective due to the flexible ‘pay as you go’ pricing option
  • It has empowered the advisers as they know that the contact information they are receiving is genuine
  • It led to a happier and more confident sales team

"It was imperative for us to receive accurate information without disrupting the customer journey. Data8 provided a tool which validated all key information at once, so we could accomplish an uninterrupted customer journey"

Linda Truong, Marketing Manager, QuoteSupermarket.com

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