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SkinBase monthly bookings increase after using New Business Data



SkinBase provides the leading skincare treatment in the UK & Ireland for complete skin rejuvenation. The SkinBase Facial™ is available at over 2,000 leading spas and salons and is delivered through SkinBase’s specialist therapists.

The SkinBase Facial™ has helped thousands of clients feel fresh faced and radiant. The advanced microdermabrasion technique not only freshens and rejuvenates skin, but remedies skin problems such as acne scarring, blemishes and pigmentation.


SkinBase wanted the contacts to further extend the use of The SkinBase Facial™ across the country. They wanted to broaden the context in which the treatment is used and had been searching for new data which was reliable, affordable, and would allow in depth targeting.


SkinBase wanted to extend its marketing reach and see The SkinBase Facial™ become further established as the leading skincare treatment in the UK. SkinBase wanted:

  • To contact a greater amount of prospects in its target market
  • To see an increase in customer conversions
  • To contact prospects before they’re saturated with the competition
  • To improve the efficiency of its marketing by using accurate data


SkinBase purchased New Business Data (NBD) which is data on new business start-ups or businesses which have changed ownership.

  • SkinBase bought contact details within its target market, such as beauty salons, colleges with beauty schools and also all hotels with spas in the UK.
  • The New Business Data was purchased on a monthly basis, providing a stream of continually refreshed and accurate data on new businesses.

Using the New Business Data provides SkinBase with competitive advantage as the data is regularly updated, allowing them to approach prospects before the competition. Using the data has also led to:

  • Increase in bookings- SkinBase estimates that the New Business Data alone saw two new bookings per month.
  • Cost savings- Other methods of obtaining new bookings such as Adwords or using direct mail, work out considerably more expensive than purchasing New Business Data monthly.
  • Prospects are open to calls- Using New Business Data means the clients are highly responsive when receiving calls as they are new and looking to establish relevant business relationships.
  • Time is saved- Accurate data minimises wasting time trying to contact prospects using outdated information.

“Using New Business Data means we contact prospects ahead of the competition and at a point when they are more open to the opportunities SkinBase can offer their new business.”

Rob Faulkner, IT Manager, SkinBase


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