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Introduction of Data8's Postcode Lookup reduced administration costs and improved customer experience.



Taskers is the largest UK independent Home and DIY store providing complete home solutions with DIY, plumbing, heating supplies, decorating supplies and garden furniture. This family run business has been in the industry for over 50 years and continue to hold onto their core values by providing high quality customer service. 


Taskers had been using a postcode lookup service in their till system prior to approaching Data8. They knew that using this tool would expedite the buying process for their customers in store and would improve delivery due to correct addresses.

“We found that our previous solution was difficult to install, difficult to integrate and there were a number of problems throughout” – Aled Morgan, IT Network Manager, Taskers. The company found that there were manual changes every two months and if support was required it could take 2 – 3 weeks. It also became apparent that when issues were finally resolved they had not really been fixed, rather given a temporary solution. The company also found that the cost per user license model did not fit with their business strategy.

Above all of these challenges, Taskers found that the accuracy of addresses was not reliable. They would often manually confirm these in Google prior to input into their CRM system.


Data8 installed the postcode lookup solution on-site. The support was quick and efficient; the initial set up took less than a day. After two years of using this solution the company has had very few issues and any that arose were dealt with and fixed either the same day or the following day.

The integration into their systems was seamless. The solution works across their Saleslogic and Sage systems. Ensuring that all data captured is usable and available for sales and marketing teams.

The offer of a cost per click model from Data8 proved to be a better fit for the company and cost effective as they can buy the credits when required. Integrating postcode lookup has already vastly improved user experience and data quality, the ability to add additional validation tools such as email validation and business validation would further increase these benefits.

Most importantly, Taskers found that they could trust the address information they were being given. “The addresses given were accurate, which meant no more Google-ing, ensuring accuracy and saving on valuable resources” – Aled Morgan, IT Network Manager, Taskers.


Taskers were able to save time and money by reducing the amount of administration time and ensuring the data was accurate across the whole company.

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