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Business Information Lookup Configuration

The Business Information Lookup service obtains useful information about a company from a company name or address. It can be added to the page layouts of objects and create a relationship between a record and a company.

Creating The Required Company Field

The first step to integrating Business Information Lookup is creating a custom 'Company' field on the desired object.

  1. Go to 'Setup' > 'Objects & Fields' > 'Object Manager'.
  2. Click on the object that you want to add the Business Information lookup to, i.e. (Account).
  3. Click on 'Fields & Relationships' and create a new field:
    • Type = 'Lookup Relationship'
    • Related To = 'Company' object
  4. In Page Layouts > click on the main page layout to edit it.
  5. Find the ‘Company’ field and drag it onto your object record form.
  6. Find the ‘Account Company Information’ Visualforce page and drag it onto the record form (recommended height 140px).
  7. Find the ’Get Company Information’ button and drag it onto the custom buttons section (or add ‘AccountCompanySearch’ to the object lightning record page).
  8. Save the Page Layout.

To use the Business Information Lookup service, navigate to a record of the object type you configured for Business Information Lookup. From the action buttons at the top, click 'Get Company Information'. A screen will appear where a company name or address can be entered. Search for and select a company to create a relationship for it between the record and the company. On the record details page, you should now see the company field has been populated and the accompanying Visualforce page displaying the credit score of the company.

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