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First Steps:

  1. Install the Data8 Salesforce plugin: For Sandbox installation, use `` instead of ``.
  2. Sign into your organisation and click the ‘Install’ button.
  3. Agree to allowing requests to the `` domain as this is necessary for our validation API’s to work.
  4. Once you see the installation complete screen, click the done button.

5. Once you've installed the app, head over to the Data8 settings page in Salesforce by searching 'Data8' or 'Settings' in the AppLauncher search bar. See the Configuration documentation for help on choosing the right settings for your needs.


Once you have installed the plugin, you need to assign the appropriate permissions to users for them to be able to use the services within the Data8 plugin. We have created a 'Data8 User' permission set to make this easy for you. This gives users access to all custom objects included in the package.

To assign this permission set to users, go to Setup > Permission Sets > Data8 User > Manage Assignments > Add Assignments > select all users to apply the permission to.

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