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PredictiveAddress Configuration

PredictiveAddress is an autocomplete tool for address input that saves time and reduces mistakes through reduced user typing, backed up by address validation when selecting a final address.

There are two ways to implement PredictiveAddress into an object: via a Lightning record page or via a custom button on the page layout.

Lightning Record Page Integration

  1. Navigate to a record of that object (i.e. a record on the Account object), and click ‘Edit Page’ from the cog in the top right corner.
  2. Drag a visualforce page component onto the page layout:
  1. Click on the new Visualforce component. On the settings for the component (RHS):
    • Change Visualforce Page Name to the relevant page:
      • Account – ‘Data8 Account PredictiveAddress’
      • Contact – ‘Data8 Contact PredictiveAddress’
      • Lead – ‘Data8 Lead PredictiveAddress’
    • Change the height to a suitable value (around 800).
  1. Save the lightning page (and activate as org default).

PredictiveAddress should now appear when previewing a record.

Custom Button Integration

To implement via a custom button:

  1. Go to Setup, Objects and Fields, Object Manager.
  2. Click on the object that you want to integrate with.
  3. Click 'Page Layouts' and edit the page layout for the object.
  4. Drag the PredictiveAddress button onto the page layout in the custom buttons section.
  1. Save the layout.

When viewing a record of that object type, you should now be able to access PredictiveAddress from the action buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

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