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File Transfer Options

To cleanse your data quickly online, please upload it to our Data8online data cleansing portal and we will quickly return you a full Data Quality Report.

However, if you need to transfer a file to us for more manual processing, you have a number of options of how to get it to us. Whichever option you choose, you must have first registered for an account with us. Your email address will be your username and you will be sent a default password when you register. These same details can be used for each method of sending us your data.


We support the following protocols:

  • SFTP
  • FTPS

For both protocols, please connect using the following details:

  • Server: ftp.data-8.co.uk
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: password for your Data8 account

Please upload your files to the /ToData8 folder.

When using FTPS, please note that we support only FTP with explicit security (port 21) and not the deprecated FTP with implicit security (port 990).

FTPS and SFTP are secure data transmission methods and do not require additional encryption.


Go to your Dashboard on our website, open the Cleansing tab and click on the Manual Files tile to go to the Secure File Transfer page.

Click Browse... to select your file and click Upload.

All website traffic is secured using SSL / TLS and additional data encryption is not required.



If your data file is large you may prefer to compress it before transferring it to us to save time and bandwidth.

We support files in all standard data compression formats:

  • zip
  • gzip
  • 7zip
  • rar


We support the following methods of data encryption:

  • PGP
  • ZIP AES256

Please note that password protected Excel documents are not supported. If you have a password protected Excel document, please remove the password, save the file and then apply one of the data encryption methods listed above.

If you prefer to send data unencrypted and cannot use a secure method of transferring your data (FTPS, SFTP or website), please send an email to your account manager detailing this request.

Pre-configured Automated Workflows (PAWS)

A pre-configured automated workflow (PAW) is a workflow that has been agreed between us in advance to serve a specific data processing purpose. This allows you to more easily automate your data processing activities. Almost any data processing task is possible but typical examples include:

  • a daily job to trigger TPS status updates
  • a monthly job to remove duplicates
  • an adhoc job to append telephone numbers

PAWs are activated by us intercepting a file uploaded to us that meets one or both of the following conditions

  • the filename matches a specific pattern eg starts with "TPS_Cleanse", or contains the word "duplicate", or matches the file pattern "TA_*.csv"; and/or
  • has been submitted by a specific user or users

A file that is uploaded to us will activate a relevant PAW if it is uploaded to us via any of the following methods:

  • Manual Files link in the Cleanse dashboard
  • Submit File link in the Cleanse dashboard, and then choose to submit to the PAW
  • FTPS/SFTP to our FTP site

A typical PAW has the following properties:

  • The same file format is expected from you every time
  • The same file format will be returned every time
  • The same data processing will be performed every time
  • The PAW will be documented and agreed as an ongoing Order in advance
  • It may be chargeable or not; it may be chargeable depending on the number of hits so impossible to predict the cost of the processing. This will all be agreed in advance.