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PGP Data Encryption

PGP is a method for encrypting and decrypting files. It can be quite technical to set up and use, but there are a number of resources on the web to help.

A good starting point is getting the free GnuPG software which implements PGP. A Windows version is available at www.gpg4win.org. There is also a link on that site to the Gpg4win Compendium which descibes how to use the software in some detail.

Once you've got your PGP software installed, you'll need to import our public key. You'll encrypt your data using our public key before sending it to us - only we will be able to decrypt this data using our private key.

In order for us to send you data back securely, you'll need to generate your own key pair and provide us with the public key. We can then encrypt the data with your public key and only you will be able to decrypt it with your private key.