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Magento Data8 Data Tools

Once you have installed & configured the Data8 Magento Extension the following features will be enabled:

Email Validation

During the new user sign up screen the email address is validated when the user clicks the "Create an Account" button with the options you picked during configuration to reduce the chances of a user making a typo preventing you from contacting them:

This same check is made when ever a user tries to change their password from the "Edit Account Information" page:

Address Validation

When a user starts to enter an address PredictiveAddress will start to provide a list of full addresses that match the part address they have entered which again ensures that the address they give you is valid and doesn't have any typo's. They can always update any fields that aren't quite what they want or continue to manually enter addresses for new estates that aren't yet in the postal system:

Once they select the address this will fill out all the required fields including any company names related to that address:

Telephone Validation

When the user is adding/updating an address and add/updates a phone number that will automatically be validated using the options you selected during the configuration reducing the chances of a typo or mistake causing you to be unable to phone your customer if required: