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Magento Data8 Data Tools - Configuration

Open the Data8 Magento Extension Configuration

First log into your Magento's Administration site using an admin account:

Now from the left hand bar menu select "Stores" and then "Configuration" from the sub-menu:

In the "Configuration" page's left side will be some tabs. One of them will be "Data8" (if it's installed. If not install it using these instructions). Select it and then from the submenu select the extension:

At the top of the page in the "Ajax Key" box enter you Data8 Ajax Key aquired from the "Ajax API Key" tab on our site.
Then enable and configure what ever options you want followed by clicking the "Save Config" button.

Your Magento site will now use the all the features in the Data8 Extension that you specified on the Account creation/update pages and the address features are avalible on the one page checkout.