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Magento Data8 Data Tools - Installation

Start by logging in to your Megento Admin Site:

Next click the "System Config" tab on the left menu and then "Web Setup Wizard" from the new popup menu:

Now in the new page click the "Component Manager" tile:

Sign into the Magento Marketplace

If your already signed into the Magento Marketplace on the new page skip to the Get Data8 Extension below.
The Data8 component is avalible on the Magento Marketplace so to aquire it you need to log into your Magento Marketplace Account. If you don't have one yet you will need to get one to continue.

Note: The following is correct at the time of writting but we don't control the Magento site so this section might become slightly out of date.

Once you have your Magento Marketplace Account details click the "Sign In" link on the Component Manager Page that should now be displayed:

In the new pop-up window there is a link to "Magento Marketplace account page". Click on that to go to the Magento Marketplace, log in and go to the "My Account" page using the link under the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your username in the top right of the page.

From the new "My Account" page go to the "Marketplace" tab and click "My Access Keys".

Click the "Magento 2" tab and click the "Create A New Access Key" button (unless you have already created access keys for this site) then copy the "Public Key" to the "Public Key" field on the pop-up (back on your copy of Magento) and the same with the "Private Key".

Click "Sign In" on the pop-up on your Magento page. This will return you to the "Component Manager" page that was behind the pop-up but now you will be signed in to the Magento Marketplace.

Get Data8 Extension

Even though the Data8 Magento Extension is free you still have to tell the Magento Marketplace that you want to "buy" it (again for free) so that it appears in your copy of Magento to be installed.

Note: The following is correct at the time of writting but we don't control the Magento site so this section might become slightly out of date.

Click here to go straight to our Extension on the Magento Marketplace (or if that doesn't work go back to the Magento Marketplace and search for "Data8" then click on it to go to our Extensions page).

Click the "Add to Cart" button.

Then on the "Shopping Cart" page that will show click the "Go to Checkout" button on the bottom left of the page.

On the final "Order Review" page click the "Place Order" button.

Once this is done you can again return to the "Component Manager" page on your Magento and at the top (now you're signed in) there should be a "Sync" button. Click this to tell Magento to get the list of Extensions you can install from the Magento Marketplace.

This should update the list of "New Purchases" and there will be an "Install" link below it:

Click the "Install" link to get a list of Extensions you can install.

On the new page find the Data8 extension, go to the right of that row and click the "Install" link.

Follow the instructions to install and that's it! The Data8 Extension should now be installed.

To setup & configure the extension click here to go to the Configuration instructions.