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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Company Information Configuration

The Data8 Company Information solution adds support for company credit checking and retrieving detailed financial information. This can be linked to any other entity type, but would typically be used with the Account and Lead entities in most organisations.

Once installed, open the solution and you will be shown the Configuration screen:

Enter your Ajax API Key, Username and Password and click Save.

You're now ready to add Company Information to the entity type(s) of your choice. Select the entity type to add Company Information to from the drop down list and click Add. If a popup dialog does not appear, please run this step again using Internet Explorer.

This screen allows you to select which fields from your selected entity type should be used with the Company Information solution. There are two main parts to this - the fields that will be used to help search for the correct company, and those that will be filled in with data from the selected company.

Company Information Fields

Data from the fields you select here will be used to help identify the correct company to associate with the record. Select whichever fields store the company name and postcode on your records.

There is also an option here to auto-refresh the form. If this option is ticked, when you complete the process of associating a record with a company your CRM screen will be automatically refreshed with all the latest data. When this option is not ticked the data from the company will still be added to the record but will not be visible until you refresh the screen manually.

Copied Data

This section of the configuration specifies which bits of information from the selected company will be copied back into your record. All this data will be stored in custom entities within your CRM anyway, but you may find it convenient for selected bits of data to be automatically copied back to your records, such as SIC code, turnover, employees or credit limit.

For any data field you want to be copied into your record, select the field you want to copy it into from the drop-down list. Only fields of the appropriate type are shown, e.g. you will only be able to select money fields for the turnover value etc.

If you do not require any additional data to be copied into your record you can leave this section blank.

Once you have finished selecting these fields, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.