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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Data8 Validation Configuration

The Data8 Validation solution adds support for various validation methods against any field for any entity - including any custom entities. 

Once installed, open the solution and you will be shown the Configuration screen:

Enter your Ajax API Key, Username and Password then click Save.

The configuration page has a number of options you can globally set here - all of which are optional.

Telephone Validation Options

Format Telephone Numbers Any telephone number entered will be reformatted according to its relevant international standards and saved in the same field, keeping all numbers consistent.
Default Country Code Enter the country code to assume when validating a number that doesn't include a country code.
Use Extended Mobile Validation When a telephone number is identified as being a mobile number, use our Mobile Validation service to provide an additional level of validation.
Use Extended Landline Validation When a telephone number is identified as being a UK landline number, use our Live Number Validation service to provide an additional level of validation.

Email Validation Options

Email Validation Level Emails can be validated at various levels, some are slower than others whilst being more accurate. Pick one which you feel is best - descriptions of each one are available here.
Suggest Email Address Corrections If we suspect you have entered a spelling mistake during the input of an email i.e. gmal instead of gmail then a dialog box will pop up confirming you meant it.

Setup by Entity

Once the global configuration is done, we need to configure each entity and field accordingly.

If it doesn't already exist in your list of configurations, select which entity you which to configure and click "Add".

Here you will see a list of any possible fields you could apply email and telephone validation to - in order to select more than one you can hold the CTRL button whilst you are clicking your fields.

Once you have selected all your fields, you also have the option to decide what happens when you next visit a form - you can either revalidate and highlight errors again, or assume all previous data is correct so please select which option you will apply for this entity (note, the same option is also used for email validation of the current entity).

Click "Save" and after a brief time loading, your new configuration should be listed and will be working immediately.