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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data8 Data Tools - Installation

Downloading the Data8 Solution Package

To add a Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Solution to extend the functionalitiy of your CRM with Data8's solutions you first need to download our Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Solution Package.


Solution On Premise Online Manual
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Duplicare Contact Us Download
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Validation Contact Us Download


If you are using a version of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM ealier than 2011 please upgrade to the latest version.

NOTE: The below instruction are for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2016 but should only be minor differences to the previous versions

Import Solution Package into your CRM

To import the new solution into your CRM (install it):

  • Open your version of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and login with an System Administrators account (or one with permissions to import solution packages and set them up)
  • Go to Settings > Solutions and click “Import”
  • Click on the "Import" button on the top left of the new page and in the new window click the "Browse" button
  • In the new pop-up "File Upload" window locate the ZIP file you downloaded at the start of this guide and select it and click "Open" to close the "File Upload" window.
  • You should now be back in the "Import Solution" window. Click the "Next" button.
  • In the new window click "Next" again (you can also click "View solution package details" to view what the package contains for info).
  • Finally in the last window click "Import"
  • Wait for the import to complete. Onces it's done check though the log window (and/or downlod the logs with the "Download Log File" button) and then click closed.