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OpenCart Data8 Data Tools

The Data8 Data Tools for OpenCart adds Realtime Validation to your OpenCart data entry anywhere that email address', phone numbers or addressses are used. For example in your checkout your customer can start entering their address and get a drop-down list of posible addresses they can easily and quickly select from preventing typo's during address entry.

For instructions of Installing & Configuring our Extension in your copy of opencart click here and if you want to remove it for some reason click here to go to our uninstall documents.

Once you have everything installed, configured and enabled any where on your opencart site there is an email, address or phone number entry our validation will be applied. Here are some examples using the Default Checkout.

E-mail Validation

If you have an email field on your Checkout page and a user enters an email that is found to be invalid (by the level you selected on the configuration screen) then when you click "Continue" the checkout will not continue, the email box will become red and an error will appear below it explaining this field is what caused the error.

Once they correct the email with a valid email address and click continue the error will go and if that was the only field in error the checkout will continue onto the next stage.


PredictiveAddress works as soon as the user starts to enter their address (or company name) into a relevent text box as a list of matching addresses will appear in a drop down below the text box.

If the address is in the list they can just click it to enter the full address into all relevent fields or they can continue typing the address to narrow it down to the address they want.