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OpenCart Data8 Data Tools - Configuration

Installing the "Data8" Extension module

This is a quick step to basically enable the module

From the left menu go to "Extensions" - "Extensions"

From the "Choose the extension type" drop-down select "Modules(...)"

From the "Modules" list locate the "Data8" row and click the green "Install" button on the far right side of the row

Next click the blue "Edit"  button to the left of where the "Install" button was (it is now enabled)

On the new page enter your Data8 Username & Passwords in the boxes provided (if you don't have one then click here to sign up for free and get some trial credits) and click the Save button in the top right of the page

Now if you're not returned to it go back into the Data8 Edit config page (the one you were just on) and this time there will be lots of options for enabling our validation services. Select the options you require and again click the Save button in the top right.

That's it! If you now go to your checkout the validation options you selected will be active!