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OpenCart Data8 Data Tools - Installation

Downloading the Data8 Solution Package

First you must download the package from OpenCart's Extension Store (for free!):

  • Goto the OpenCart Extension Store here
  • Search for "Data8" from the "Search extension and themes" box on the left
  • Locate and select "Data8 PredictiveAddress & Validation" in the results
  • On the new page select "DOWNLOAD".
  • This will open up a new page with a list of downloads and the OpenCart versions that each download works with. Find the download that works with your version of OpenCart and click the "DOWNLOAD" button to it's right.

Adding the extension to your copy of OpenCart

Now you have a copy our packaged up OpenCart extension it's time to install it on your copy of OpenCart.

  • Open your OpenCart Admin site
  • In the left hand menu select "Extensions" - "Extension Installer"
  • From the new window click the "Upload" button
  • This will open up a pop-up file selector. Locate and select the Data8 Package you downloaded earlier and click the "Open" button to upload the file and close the pop-up.
  • Once the file has complete it should show a green progress bar and a "Success:" message
  • Next we need to run the setup code. On the left menu go to "Extensions" - "Modifications"
  • Click the refresh button in the top right corner

 Adding user permissions

If this is the first time you have added our extension to your OpenCart then you may need to add permissions for your Administrator role to set it up.

  • From the left menu select "System" - "Users" - "User Groups
  • Now from the new page select the Edit button (in the "Action" column) to the right side of the "Administrator" row
  • On the new page scroll down (or use the browser's search) and look for the "module/data8" entries in both the "Access Permission" & "Modify Permission" sections and tick them both.
  • Click the Save button at the top right of the page

That's it! The extension is now installed! Next go to the Configuration page to setup the plugin to enable the features you require.