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PrestaShop Data8 Data Tools - Configuration

Once you have installed the Data8 Prestashop Module (see here for instructions) you need to configure it so it has the authority to connect to and user Data8's services on your behalf and secondly what features you want to use and how you want them to work.

First log into your Prestashop administrators site using a administrator username & password:

Open the Data8 Module's Configuration Page

You will need an Data8 account to use our services (you can get one from our site here).

Once you have your Data8 account login details go to the "Modules & Services" page using the link located under "Improve", "Modules" on the left bar:

Next click the "Installed modules" tab at the top of the new page:

Under the "# installed modules" section locate Data8's Module and click the "Configure" button on the right side:

Setup Data8 Module

Enter your Data8 username & password at the top of the configuration page and set up all the options on the rest of the page to select what features you want to use.

Finally click the Save button on the bottom right to confirm the changes.

That is is! Your store is now set up with postcode lookup functionality on all address entry screens and validation of international telephone numbers and email addresses wherever they are entered into the site.

To learn how to use the new plug-in see the main Prestashop module info page here.