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Salesforce Data8 Data Tools

Telephone & Email Address Validation

Once you have configured the Data8 Data Tools Package you will see the validation results underneath each configured field.

If the value of a field is changed, the validation status will be updated when the record is saved.


The address can be edited by clicking the "PredictiveAddress" button at the top of the record, next to the standard "Edit", "Delete" etc. buttons.

The PredictiveAddress page will show a section for each address held on the record. For example, for Contact records it will show both the Billing and Shipping addresses. For each address there is an option to search for a new address. Start typing the address and the available options will be shown as an auto-complete drop down list. Select an option from the list to fill out the address, and click "Save" when finished.

Company Financial Information

Detailed company information can be obtained by clicking the "Get Company Information" button at the top of the record.

The initial search criteria will be taken from the company name & postcode on your Lead or Account record, but can be modified as you require. Once you have found the company you want to get the full details for, click Select.

A brief summary of the credit worthiness will then be shown on the main record page:

Clicking on the company name will show more detailed information about the company, with opportunities to drill down to further information as needed.