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Salesforce Data8 Data Tools - Installation

To install the Data8 Data Tools package go to the AppExchange Marketplace by going to the Setup page (see Accessing the Setup pages for instructions on how to get there).
From the Setup page click on the “AppExchange Marketplace” link in the left side-bar under the “Build” section (see Figure 1 - Left).

In the search box at the top of the new page enter “Data8” and click the search icon to the right (see Figure 2 below).

This will open a new window and if you click “Get it Now” button you can log in with your salesforce account and then install it in either one of your production environments or a sandbox. Once you pick where you want to install it you will be taken to a screen like Figure 3 below.

Pick the option you want and click the “Install” button.
You will then be asked to approve the third-party access to send interact with  Data8’s web services (the service that tells you salesforce if the address, bank details etc are correct) with the pop-up shown in Figure 4 below.

Click “Continue” and wait as it will take a while to complete but once it has you should get the screen from Figure 5 below. The installation is now done. Go on to Configuration to continue.