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Retrieves the full structured PAF address of an address that has already been found using the FindAddress, AddressesByLocalityKey, or AddressesByStreetKey methods.

The address to retrieve is identified by the addressKey parameter, which should be taken from the ID of a PartialAddress that has been returned from one of these methods.

The FetchAddress method would normally be used instead of this method to return both the full structured PAF address that this method returns, and a formatted version that can be displayed to a user.

This method supports the following options:

  • IncludeUDPRN. If this is set to True, each address returned will have its UniqueReference field set to the UDPRN of the address.

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Code Samples

<!-- Import the Integr8 Ajax API -->
<!-- NOTE: Get your own API key to use in the following script tag from: -->
<!-- http://www.data-8.co.uk/integr8/Admin/Ajax.aspx -->
<script src="https://webservices.data-8.co.uk/Javascript/Loader.ashx?key=your-api-key" type="text/javascript">

<script type="text/javascript">

function loadIntegr8() {
  // Load the AddressCapture Integr8 service

function FetchRawAddress(licence, addressKey) {
  /// <param name="licence">string. One of the following values: WebServerFull, WebClickFull, WebClickThoroughfare, InternalUserFull, InternalUserThoroughfare, SmallUserFull, SmallUserThoroughfare, Lookup, InternalServerFull, InternalServerThoroughfare, FreeTrial, FreeTrialThoroughfare, InternalUserFullArea, InternalUserThoroughfareArea, WebServerThoroughfare</param>
  /// <param name="addressKey">string</param>
  var addresscapture = new data8.addresscapture();

function showFetchRawAddressResult(result) {
  // Check that the call succeeded, and show the error message if there was a problem.
  if (!result.Status.Success) {
    alert('Error: ' + result.Status.ErrorMessage);
  else {
    // TODO: Process method results here.
    // Results can be extracted from the following fields:
    // result.Results
    //   Contains an array of addresses that match the query.
    //   Each field in the items in the array contains a specific address element defined by
    //   the Royal Mail.