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Finds a list of streets within a town or village that match the requested street name.

The localityKey indicates the area to search within. This can be obtained from the results of the LocalitiesByName or LocalitiesByPostcode methods.

The street name is assumed to have a wildcard at the end, e.g. "High" will match "High Street".

If null is supplied as the street parameter, all streets in the locality will be returned.

Note that, where a town contains multiple villages, you must supply the localityKey for the correct village in order to find the expected street. If you supply the localityKey that represents only the town without a village, only streets that are found in the town itself (i.e. not in a village within the town) will be included in the results.

If you only know the town name and not whether the street is within a village in that town, you may prefer to use the StreetsByName method, which does not have this limitation.

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Code Samples

<!-- Import the Integr8 Ajax API -->
<!-- NOTE: Get your own API key to use in the following script tag from: -->
<!-- http://www.data-8.co.uk/integr8/Admin/Ajax.aspx -->
<script src="https://webservices.data-8.co.uk/Javascript/Loader.ashx?key=your-api-key" type="text/javascript">

<script type="text/javascript">

function loadIntegr8() {
  // Load the AddressCapture Integr8 service

function StreetsByLocalityKey(licence, localityKey, street) {
  /// <param name="licence">string. One of the following values: WebServerFull, WebClickFull, WebClickThoroughfare, InternalUserFull, InternalUserThoroughfare, SmallUserFull, SmallUserThoroughfare, Lookup, InternalServerFull, InternalServerThoroughfare, FreeTrial, FreeTrialThoroughfare, InternalUserFullArea, InternalUserThoroughfareArea, WebServerThoroughfare</param>
  /// <param name="localityKey">string</param>
  /// <param name="street">string</param>
  var addresscapture = new data8.addresscapture();

function showStreetsByLocalityKeyResult(result) {
  // Check that the call succeeded, and show the error message if there was a problem.
  if (!result.Status.Success) {
    alert('Error: ' + result.Status.ErrorMessage);
  else {
    // TODO: Process method results here.
    // Results can be extracted from the following fields:
    // result.Results
    //   Contains an array of addresses or partial address details that match the query.
    //   A human-readable description of each item in the array is available in the Description field,
    //   and an identifier to be passed to other methods is available in the ID field.