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public class Option { string Name, string Value }


Sets an advanced option to control how a service call should operate.

All the available methods include an options parameter which can contain an array of Option objects. Each option consists of a name/value pair which defines the value of an advanced setting for the method. See the documentation for each method to find the available settings for that method and the values it can accept. Any options that do not have a recognised name for the method are ignored.

The syntax for specifying options varies depending on the language you are using it from. The examples below demonstrate setting up an "options" variable containing two options, "MaxLines" set to 5 and "FixTownCounty" set to true. These are two of the common options used with the GetFullAddress method of our Address Validation service.


var options = [
  new data8.option('MaxLines', 5),
  new data8.option('FixTownCounty', 'true')


var options = new[] {
  new Option { Name = "MaxLines", Value = "5" },
  new Option { Name = "FixTownCounty", Value = "true" }


$options = array(
  "Option" => array(array(
    "Name" => "MaxLines",
    "Value" => "5"
    "Name" => "FixTownCounty",
    "Value" => "true"

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