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The stop files service allows you to build up your own reference data files and search them using our industry leading fuzzy name and address matching logic.

This allows you to build functionality into your applications such as real-time duplicate detection to prevent duplicate records being added into your systems beyond that which is typically possible by searching your existing relational database for exact matches.

The typical process of using a stop file is:

  1. Create the stop file. This creates a new database with a unique name that can be used in later stages.
  2. Add records to the stop file. You may have an existing set of records that need to be added initially, and extra records can be added in real-time as required. If you have a large database to add when you set up your stop file, you can do so by uploading a file to our stop files page rather than repeatedly calling the web service.
  3. Search the stop file. Send the name and address details you want to search for to our web service and we'll return a list of matching records. If you get some matches you could then decide to reject the details from your application or perform some sort of merging logic. If you don't get any matches you can then accept the record onto your database and add it into the stop file so it is available for later matching.