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Active Background Checks is a startup company founded in 2020 to provide comprehensive criminal record and background checking to companies of all sizes. The principle aim of the company is to deliver a first-class service to clients via an easy-to-use online application system. To help achieve this and minimise errors in submissions via the website, the company chose Data8's postcode lookup service with additional multiple residence data.

The Challenge

DBS Checks must follow a specific format - when submitting data to the Government Disclosure and Barring Service, addresses on an application must be in a suitable format in order for them to be processed. Any information submitted incorrectly (such as a mispelt address or missing previous address information) results in the application being rejected, and must be corrected and re-submitted in order to be processed. This can result in significant delays in obtaining a DBS report as well as significant resource costs in identifying parts of the application that are missing or inaccurate.

Often, when users are submitting information regarding addresses or previous addresses, mistakes can easily be made at the point of application, as well as users forgetting the exact address they may have lived in previously.

With regards to previous addresses, this often results in the user contacting the company for help in order to complete the information required.


The Objective

As one of the main requirements of a DBS Check are 5 years of address history, Active Background Checks wanted a solution that reduced the number of calls to the company from clients asking for assistance in entering address history, and hugely improve the user experience on the website by helping customers identify previous addresses even if they only had partial information (such as only being able to remember the street name and number or postcode).

The Solution

Active Background Checks spoke to several providers that were recommended to them. Data8 Postcode Lookup was the solution of choice for their website, Multiple Residence data was integrated within the solution to help identify individual dwellings within multiple occupancy buildings that share a front door. This solution is provided via our API with the full support of a dedicated account manager and is provided as credit based service with no set-up fee or minimum term commitment, allowing the company a high degree of flexibility to purchase credits as and when needed

The Outcome

Since implementing the Data8 service on their website, Active Background Checks have not received any inbound calls from customers reporting issues with entering addresses. Also, due to address details being automatically submitted in the correct format suitable for admission to the Disclosure and Barring Service, file submission rejections have been completely eliminated, resulting in a huge reduction in having to manually check submitted files for errors.

Working with Data8

Active Background Checks contacted a number of companies looking for help around Postcode Lookup, all of which were competitively priced. The main standout for the company was the assignment of a dedicated account manager from Data8, who offered help and advice at every stage of the process, from help in choosing the right solution through to managing technical queries and assistance with API integration.

Active Background Checks were also impressed with the guidance given around potential extra services that maybe useful in the future and time given to fully test Postcode Lookup to make sure the solution was right for them. Being a start-up, the ability to be flexible around the solution and purchase credits as a subscription-free service was also a major benefit for the company.