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Adleadr is a performance marketing agency, managing marketing campaigns for clients across a broad range of industries. They also offer a comprehensive affilliate programme via their website.

The Challenge

Adleadr make extensive use of unbounce landing pages, when an affiliate approached them with a key requirement to have valid telephone numbers, the company began looking into solutions that could meet this requirement.


The Objective

Adleadr has a return policy regarding invalid phone numbers sent to clients on lead generation forms. The company wanted to maximise the number of valid contact details provided to clients and minimise the number of returned leads based on its invalid number policy. The aim was simple: Increase customer satisfaction with leads supplied, minimise administrative tasks involved in processing returned leads and ultimately maximise revenue for Adleadr as a result.


The Solution

Adleadr explored validation solutions from other providers, as well as the Data8 unbounce plugin. Upon testing the plugins, the thing that stood out most for Adleadr was the ease at which the integration from Data8 could be implemented easily by someone with little or no knowledge of coding and once activated, did not require any form formatting (such as correcting fonts to suit the overall design of the page).

The company were also particularly impressed by the prompt response of the Data8 technical team in answering any queries regarding how the integration works.

Working with Data8

Adleadr were not only impressed with the Data8 integration for unbounce, they were also delighted with the responsiveness of both their account manager and technical team:

"The ease of integration with our unbounce forms and the support provided by the Data8 team exceeded our expectations"
Richard Walters, Founder, Adleadr