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Benefit Cosmetics is an innovative manufacturer of cosmetics founded in 1976. Today, under the ownership of LVMH, Benefit now has a presence in over 2,000 counters across 30 countries and is known worldwide for its feel-good products and services.

The Challenge

The team at Benefit were looking at ways to improve the customer buying experience on their website and lower cart abandonment, particularly with mobile users. It was also noted that some address submissions on the website were mis-spelt. To help speed up address submission for customers and improve the accuracy of those submissions, the e-commerce team began looking at address lookup solution providers.


The Objective

Benefit Cosmetics required an address lookup solution that would avoid any disruption to their website and require minimal coding changes to their checkout.

Key Objectives for the team at Benefit were:

  • Extremely accurate and reliable details in order to continue providing their premium and dependable service.
  • An easily-integrated solution which would work well online, on mobiles and in their back end systems.
  • A long term and sophisticated solution that would provide real-time address lookup.

The Solution

After extensive testing, Benefit Cosmetics integrated Data8’s Predictive Address solution onto their website to speed up the checkout process whilst collecting accurate, correctly formatted customer details. The solution works well on mobiles and so will help Benefit Cosmetics to reach their objectives.

Working with Data8

Data8 and Benefit Cosmetics have worked together for sometime now and the company have been particularly impressed with the improved accuracy of Address Data submitted via the website:

"Data8 are highly recommended and the solution works easily and well! We’re very happy with Predictive Address.”

Luke Schörnenberger, Ecommerce Manager