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Monsoon Accessorize was founded in 1973 and has since grown to become one of the best known retailers on the high street. Recently, they have upgraded their Ecommerce platform for both the Monsoon and Accessorize websites. To help improve the customer registration experience and accuracy of customer details, they have recently introduced Data8's Email Validation and PredictiveAddress solutions. 

The Challenge

Adena Services recently embarked on a re-platforming of their eCommerce platform for both the Monsoon and Accessorize websites. Both websites had an Address Validation service that enhanced customer experience and improved the quality of the data collected. However upon migrating to the new Ecommerce platform, they faced a number of challenges with regard to support around the existing service which caused them to explore other service providers within the marketplace.

The Objective

When assessing potential service providers for Address and Email Validation, the objectives for Monsoon Accessorize were very clear; to find an email and address validation provider that could provide an integration that worked flawlessly with the new Ecommerce platform who had an effective account management and support team. It was essential that the provider was responsive and understood clearly what they were trying to achieve with the project to ensure that they could deliver to the key project milestones they were working towards in launching the new system in a timely manner.

In short, they were seeking a company who could provide technically good APIs with no issues when it came to integration backed by a high level of service.

The Solution & Outcome

Working to a tight project plan, Adena services contacted Data8 to discuss how they could migrate to an alternative Address and Email Validation solution without disrupting the demanding task of migrating their entire commerce platform. By working closely with both our account management and technical teams, the project manager and developer team at Monsoon Accessorize were able to quickly test and integrate Data8s PredictiveAddress and email validation smoothly into their brand new Ecommerce system, without disrupting the larger project plan of the platform migration.

Throughout the project, our dedicated Account Manager worked closely with Monsoon Accesorize's project leader to help resolve any queries that arose during the transition providing support via a series of conference calls and mail as and when required.

Working with Data8

From the very start of the company's search for a Data Quality Partner, a close working relationship was key. With a dedicated Account Manager working closely with the project manager at Monsoon Accessorize, they found that Data8 were able to respond very quickly with any queries raised.

Due to the excellent relationship that has developed in working on the project and the efficiency of the API solutions, the company decided to migrate to Data8 for address and email validation well in advance of the conclusion of their contract with a previous supplier.