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Founded in 1989, More Partnership are a fundraising consultancy firm working with universities and charities across the UK. Recently, they have been working with NHS Charities Together on implementing a new CRM system, Raisers Edge, to manage their donor database, which has seen a significant increase in size during the Covid-19 pandemic. To ensure the highest possible data quality from day one in the new system, they implemented Data8's online cleansing solutions.

The Challenge

NHS Charities Together is a membership organisation representing, supporting and championing 240 NHS Charities in the UK, which has recently experienced unprecedented growth in its donor database.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of individuals across the UK helped to raise money for NHS charities, including Sir Tom Moore’s charity fundraiser which raised over £32 million for NHS Charities Together alone.

His actions, as well as thousands of other individuals raised millions for NHS Charities. Taking advantage of the many ways to raise money online, fundraisers used various platforms such as Virgin Giving, JustGiving, GoFundMe, Paypal as well as Facebook to promote their fundraising activity. This created a significant amount of address data, all following different methodologies for data capture. To help manage this, More partnership were tasked with setting up a new CRM System for the charity based on Raisers Edge.


The Objective

To manage the increased volume of data (the majority of which had been created over a three month period since March 2020), More Partnership were tasked with creating a new CRM System for NHS Charities, which needed to be populated with donor details in the correct format to ensure consistency and reduce or eliminate labour intensive tasks such as correcting address formats and ensuring data was of the highest quality possible.

As a resource constrained organisation, data quality within the CRM System was critical; The charity needed to ensure that data imports into Raisers Edge were 'right first time' to enable them to focus on communicating effectively with their donor database. A suitable data cleansing solution was required that could correct any address input errors and organise it in such a way that was consistent across all 300,000 records.

The Solution

More partnership contacted Data8 to discuss how we could help them manage the inflow of data from the various fundraising platforms and ensure that all address data was standardised before it was imported into Raisers Edge. Understanding the challenges facing both More Partnership and NHS Charities together, our charity specialist recommended using the Data8 online cleansing solution. Since implementing this subscription-free service, More Partnership have identified a number of benefits, including:

  • Standardisation of address format
  • All data cleansed and verified
  • Launch of a new CRM System with accurate data from day one
  • 210,287 records were provided of which 144,537 (68.7%) were verified as being full PAF standard.  The Data8 Address enhancement service improved this to 205095 (97.5%)

The Outcome

Since the introduction of Data8 services, More Partnership & NHS Charities have been able to ensure consistency of the data that flows into the organisation. Given that many individuals choose to raise funds across different platforms from JustGiving, GoFundMe or even a Facebook page, the use of Data8's cleansing service ensures that no matter what platform is used, donor details will always enter Raisers Edge in the same format, cleansed and validated prior to import. This means that they no longer have to worry about committing resource for labour intensive tasks such as manual intervention to move data into correct fields or blank name and address details. Furthermore, the use of the self-service portal enables them to get a full data audit report on submissions via the self service portal detailing full cleansing costs prior to purchase.

Another added benefit for More Partnership & NHS Charities in using the service has been the ability to quickly identify donations that came from individuals, companies and even individuals within companies who had joined together to raise money for the NHS.

Working with Data8

Having reached out to a number of Data Quality companies, the responsiveness of the Data8 team and ease of use of the cleansing system stood out for More Partnership.
Working to tight deadlines around the initial implementation of Raisers Edge meant turnaround time was key, and with access to the Data8 self-service portal, More partnership could quickly and easily cleanse data files as-and-when needed.