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National Express are an intercity coach operator providing services throughout England, Scotland and Wales and run the largest scheduled national coach network in the UK.

National Express

Find out how data8 worked together with National Express to solve some of their data validation issues

National Express previously had no address lookup service on their website or mobile apps, meaning address input was a manual task for their customers, presenting a number of challenges including:

  • Data captured with misspellings and inconsistent structure
  • Inaccurate data affecting communications and customer satisfaction
  • User experience issues causing abandoned orders and customer frustration

National Express recognised that increasing efficiency in address capture would provide a further competitive advantage and required:


  • A long term solution providing real-time address validation to meet their ongoing business needs
  • Access to accurate details in order to provide a high class and dependable service
  • Easy Integration with both the website and the mobile app

National Express contacted Data8 having had previous contact and been referred to them internally.  Following a successful free trial provided by Data8 and specific user testing monitoring user experience, the PredictiveAddress service was integrated onto their websites which has delivered a number of key benefits:

  • Improved User Experience and increased speed of online registration
  • Capture of accurate data in a consistent structure at the point of capture
  • Improved communications leading to increased customer satisfaction

Confidence in an easily-maintained and accurate solution means the solution will be integrated very soon into their mobile app as well as the website.

We looked at several providers including Data8 well in advance of thorough testing by our in-house development team and were impressed with the results. We now receive regular Royal Mail address updates automatically and the technology looks after itself.

We have enjoyed working with Data8 – they provide a very thorough and professional service and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Sarah Bates, E-Commerce Manager at National Express

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