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Sir Alec Reed opened the first REED office in Hounslow, West London on 7th May 1960. In the early 1960s, he pioneered specialist recruitment services, a move which fundamentally changed the UK recruitment market.

Today, Reed is one of the largest recruitment companies in the UK operating in 20 recruitment specialisms across hundreds of offices in the UK.

The Challenge

Reed places contractors in various roles across sectors such as IT, Logistics, Healthcare and Education. To ensure contractors get paid in a timely manner, it is essential to have correct bank details. Furthermore, 70% of Reed's business customers require a bank account is verified for the contractor before they can be placed.

Whilst Reed had used Bank Validation in their system for many years which had proven to be extremely robust, it was used within a legacy system which was becoming difficult to support. As Reed transitioned to a new, modern system to manage bank details, they needed a new, modern validation system that would be as robust as the one they had relied upon previously.

The Objective

The wider objective for Reed was the retirement of their legacy system - their newer system had been up and running for some time, but as some data still had to be stored in their legacy system, such as bank account information, data had to be replicated between platforms. In order to retire this system, Reed sought to identify Bank Validation solutions that could work with their newer platform.


The Solution

Reed Identified Data8 Bank Validation as a possible fit due to the flexible API offered. As the company uses a bespoke system, it was important that they could use an API that would return validation results quickly, securely and with the highest level of uptime possible. Working with a dedicated Data8 Account Manager as well as the Technical Team, Reed were able to test and implement Bank Validation in their new system and quickly retire their legacy system

The Outcome

By finally retiring their legacy system, in part helped by Data8's Bank Validation API, Reed saw a number of significant benefits for both them and the contractors working for them, including:

  • Elimination of having to support two systems
  • Elimination of potential errors in duplicating data
  • Hugely improved User Experience for contractors - Bank Details are now verified at point of capture via the Reed web portal, speeding up the process of validating bank details to being instantaneous

Working with Data8

The strength of Data8 technical support and a dedicated account manager was of real benefit to Reed. When it came to answering questions around the service, Fern Selby-Purgavie, Business Analyst at Reed comments "Data8 were extremely responsive in all areas, from commercial queries to technical support around integrating the API. We spoke to several companies regarding Bank Validation; but it was Data8 that stood out for us due to their responsiveness in dealing with queries at the buying stage and beyond. This made it easy for us to choose Data8 as a company we could rely on".