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Five Steps To Data Quality Utopia

Data is a powerful tool which underpins many areas of a business; internally and externally. To ensure that data useage is optimised, it should be of high quality - but for many companies this can seem like an overwhelming task to achieve good quality data.


Marketers' Guide to Data Quality: Real Examples, Compliance, and Easy-to-Implement Practices

Marketers are facing the ever developing challenges of connecting with customers at the right time and in the right way. Customers are now accustomed to navigating an oversaturated world of marketing messages and communications. They are now continually filtering and phasing these messages out. Marketers are presented with many investment opportunities for overcoming marketing and data challenges.

ebook: UX and Ecommerce - Using Data Solutions to Enhance Usability and Personalisation

Our newly released ebook outlines two key strategies which enable companies to stay ahead in ecommerce, and the data solutions which underpin them. How you collect and organise data has a big impact on the outlined strategies, usability and personalisation, which in turn, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Delivering profitable usability and personalisation strategies relies on the right data solutions outlined in the ebook.

Let’s talk about the Holy Grail of Marketing: The Single Customer View

How a leading industrial company transformed their business strategy with data at its heart 

The industrial company has been working with Data8 since 2009 and has relied on the expertise of Data8 to overcome any challenges relating to their data and overall efficiency. This case study outlines some of the key challenges they faced and the solutions provided by Data8.

Six Stages to Transforming Data Quality, Structure and Management

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) faced common challenges regarding their data’s quality, structure and management. The poor data quality, varied data structure, and lack of effective data management were holding them back from gleaning valuable insight and achieving their business goals.

Data8 implemented solutions which cleansed and standardised the data, enabling a data management system to be created. And eventually a ‘Single Customer View’ transformed their business, by enhancing their marketing efficiency and providing valuable insights for ongoing business strategy.

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation - 12 Steps to Take Now.

With the announcement of GDPR came an air of confusion and dare we say, panic, from across the business world.

The ICO want to reassure you that if you are already adhering to the Data Protection Act you are ‘standing on good ground’ for the introduction of GDPR.

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