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Lead Generation

B2B lead generation can be challenging and time consuming. We work closely with the client to develop the qualifying questions, the script guidelines and the metrics used to produce the most qualified leads possible.

The Team will ask questions about products and services currently being purchased, where competition is being used, budgets and upcoming projects. The team will achieve a greater understanding of the customer's buying needs. We also have the capacity to hot key transfer the call to a member of your sales team so all opportunities can be explored whilst the customer is on the telephone. 

Business Benefits: 

  • Can be an integrated part of an existing sales function
  • Enhances the efficiency of the sales process
  • Enables prioritisation of qualified leads

Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads in the most cost effective way

Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Cleanse and enhance data to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Appointment Setting

Ensure that your sales diaries are always full with qualified appointments

Market Research

Obtain the insight needed to develop products and services according to customer’s needs

Account Management

Maintain your existing business contacts and nurture relationships

Marketing Follow Up

Increase conversion rates with the proper follow up to your marketing campaigns

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