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CTPS Suppression


  • Verify your business database against our daily updated CTPS file
  • Safeguard your corporate reputation by avoiding bad publicity
  • Saves wasting telephone operator time
  • 1.9 million registered with the Corporate TPS

Corporate Telephone Preference Service Data Cleansing 

The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) is a list of telephone numbers or businesses maintained by the Direct Marketing Association that companies are not allowed to contact for sales purposes. CTPS Screening is a legal requirement leading to up to £500,000 fines if you call a number that is registered with the CTPS.

Thousands of telephone numbers are being added to the CTPS every day, and with the threat of heavy fines and bad publicity, if you make a sales call to a registered number, you should ensure that all your data is CTPS screened immediately before starting a telemarketing campaign.
CTPS Screening is provided as part of our batch data cleansing service. Register now and upload your file to receive your FREE data quality report straight away - no technical knowledge or signup fees required! Contact us for more information or call 0151 355 4555.


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