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FREE Data Quality Report

Residential Data Quality Report

For every file you upload to our data cleansing service, we will produce a free comprehensive Data Quality Report of your data. The Data Quality Report is presented with a headline summary page stating how the customer data can be improved, followed by a more detailed analysis.

Make sure you look at all the worksheets in the report for the detailed information.

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Business Data Quality Report

Data8Online can cleanse business data as well as consumer data, and we will produce a similar free Data Quality Report for your business records as well.

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Rebranded report with your logo and colours

If you are cleansing data on behalf of one of your clients then you may find that you are continually having to take our report and reformat it into one of your reports. We can configure your account to ensure that any reports that come back to you are already created in your brand and colours and the statistics are displayed to your preferences.


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