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Prospect Verification


  • Accurate and cost effective data cleansing solutions
  • Helping you to better reach your target markets
  • Reduces the cost of data cleansing on large data sets

Save money by identifying prospects’ residence before mailing to them

Data8's UK Residency File contains almost 40m records and is built up of the Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register, infill data and a wealth of other data sources. All records are cross-checked and verified so that each name and address we provide is as accurate as possible.

Using Prospect Verification on a large prospect file can be a very cost effective way of identifying a responsive subset of your database without the possible large expense of removing goneaways and deceased.

We also use the same core database to offer name append and profile append services. With these you can append names of the people residing at the address and also append profile information against matching residents such as age, life stage, income or wealth.

Prospect Verification is also provided as part of our bureau service, available for anyone who has more complex data and cleansing needs.



  • Comprehensive database of over 40 million residents
  • Includes edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register, etc.
  • Verifies marketing lists prior to incurring mailing costs

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