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Telephone Appending


  • Enrich your database and add value to your data
  • Help improve telephone append match rates by up to 20%
  • Improve your telemarketing campaigns
  • Increase ROI and save operator’s calling time

Add to your contact points and increase sales

Telephone number appending is achieved by matching your name and address data against the BT OSIS database, the source of the telephone directory. This gives you access to over 27 million subscribers. The data is continually updated to give you peace of mind in its accuracy. All lines are checked to see that they are live before we append the number to your data.

Data8 have additional data sources, 90 million records that can be used to match elusive telephone numbers, such as ex-directory and mobile numbers. OSIS doesn’t cover mobile telephone data, which is something that is becoming more and more important to marketers and financial service companies.

For your reassurance all of our numbers are opt in, and can be traced back to the original source. The data is gathered from a variety of sources including surveys and prize draws and all numbers are validated prior to sale.

We have conducted tests using our additional sources of data and shown our clients we can improve their telephone append match rates dramatically, sometimes by as much as 20%.

Telephone Appending is also provided as part of our bureau service, available for anyone who has more complex data cleansing needs.



  • Get up-to-date telephone numbers for your customers
  • Match against BT OSIS database
  • Over 27 million subscribers and around 50,000 changes 6 days a week match rates
  • Additional data sources available to match elusive telephone numbers

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