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RDD Constituency Index
RDD Constituency Index
Save time and money by focused telephone polling

Everyone is Looking to Identify Swing Voters – Get Ahead of the Game

It is more vital than ever that the political parties know where their swing voters are located. This is where market research companies can provide key insights for these political parties. However, it can be difficult to know exactly which constituencies are being reached when using Random Digit Dialling (RDD).

Data8’s innovative RDD Constituency Index offers an exact report of each constituency within an area code for a given location. This score gives you the confidence that you are calling the right people.

How does this Index benefit you?

►  Better direct resources within constituencies.

►  Save time and money through better focus.

►  Increase your polling results.

►  Provide better reporting to your clients so they can make better investment decisions. 


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Constituency Index

"Data8’s RDD Constituency Index has really helped solve the problem that comes with surveying through RDD. We can now know what the likelihood is of us reaching the right constituency from the area code. It has saved us a lot of resource time and therefore, money" - Michael Hantman, Managing Director of Blue Bee Media LTD.

Elections, polling and RDD - How can you improve your polling results?

We’re nicely into the New Year where trends start to take shape, and what a year 2015 is shaping up to be! We have the election campaigns moving into full gear

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