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Foundation Technology


  • Reduce the time and risk of mistakes
  • Pick and choose the services you wish to run
  • Embed data cleansing into existing processes
  • over 240 million records, updated daily

Building a foundation for automated data cleansing 

Databases should be regularly cleansed due to changes in addresses or registering with preference services. Data cleansing shouldn't be a one off process. Our automated data cleansing solution (which we call Foundation technology) is a custom solution designed to help businesses continually improve the quality of their data and save time and money. 

Why choose Data8's Foundation Technology: 

  • Automatically purchases and reimports data cleansed results into your database
  • No user interaction is required to perform regular data cleansing, it is completely automated using our technologies 
  • Regular cleansed data ensures that regular mailing an telephone campaigns are contacting the right people, saving you time and money 
  • Full range of our data cleansing services are available through foundation technology, making it the ultimate flexible system to integrate into your technologies 
  • Our experienced technical consultants are available to tailor a solution for your business

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