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Single Customer View

A dream for most, a reality for few.

We realise the importance and value of creating amalgamating data streams into one database, so that you gain valuable insight into each individual.

In today's multichannel environment,  this is a vital solution to ensure you are successful. By providing a 360° view of each of your prospects, you can tailor your marketing, make better informed business decisions and therefore save time and money.

To achieve a database that any marketer would be proud of, you must ensure that your data is clean, de-duplicated and matched. This means reliable data that you can trust to provide personalised profiles of each individual customer.


Benefits of a Single Customer View

The only data that should be input to your CRM should be wholesome, cleansed and matched data. This results in:

  • Valuable insight into prospects;

  • Personalised conversations with customers ;

  • Targeted marketing strategy;

  • Ability to maximise cross selling and upselling;

  • Saving time and money;

  • Ability to make informed client management decisions.

  • Accurate business information.



Why Data8?

Did you know - we aren't like other companies. If you would like us to analyse and manage your data we can either use our analysis system (FastStats) or yours. It's completely up to you. We're super flexible.

We have been providing data solutions for over 11 years and using our state of the art software we can enhance the quality of a database no matter how large or disjointed it is. This is because we can utilise our expertise from all the other areas that we operate in so your database is enriched, enhanced and lovely and clean.

We understand the revenue potential that an optimised database has and our expertise, dedication and approach is what has made so many clients use and retain our services.

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