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Total CRM Solutions


  • Simple data quality process for your business
  • Save time, resources and money of inputting and running manual reports
  • Flexible licencing options available
  • Works with Microsoft Dynamics and can be incorporated into other CRM systems

Ultimate Data Quality with Total CRM Solutions   

Data is at the core of any business, allowing customer relationships to be strengthened and business decisions to be made with greater clarity. Without quality data CRM databases quickly lose value and the ability to power your business. 

Our Total CRM Solution provides the ultimate data quality solution, commencing with auto-populating address details after entering just the house number and postcode and validating it is correct. Secondly it will continuously cleanse your CRM database, highlighting duplicated records and goneaways. Finally new data can also be supplied and added to your CRM systems, populating it with new validated data, generating leads for your business.   

  • Data Validation: Our comprehensive validation services give you a simple confirmation or error indicator for telephone, fax and mobile numbers, postal address, email addresses and company registration numbers so you know you have a full set of valid information before the customer is off the phone.  
  • Data CleansingWith a full suite of data cleansing services integrated into your CRM and backed by a range of industry leading reference files and matching technology, you can easily run data cleansing jobs and import the results straight into your CRM. Run monthly TPS checks across leads, regular address cleansing, goneaway checking and duplicate removal on your accounts. 
  • Data Supply: Import new supply data into your CRM with quality new data from Data8 and our sister company New Business Data. Access over 3.2 million live businesses with over 3.8 million contacts. We also offer a 97% accuracy on all mailing and telephone records.   

Presently we can deliver Total CRM Solutions to Microsoft Dynamics and the capabilities to deliver to other CRM systems, please contact us for further information on how we can help your business. 

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