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Business Universe

The data volumes shown below give you unrivalled reach when creating a prospect list. The types of data available enable precise segmentation of the data, leaving you with valuable and refined lists for direct access to the most relevant contacts.

Data Type Quantity
Contacts 9.96m
Sites 7.0m
Companies 6.0m
CompanyType 4.3m Companies
Senior Decision Maker 7.3m Contacts
Telephone Number (non TPS/CTPS) 4.2m Sites
Email 1.8m Contacts
Employee Bands 3.4m Companies
Turnover Bands 2.3m Companies
Website 1.8m Companies
Year of Incorporation 4.6m Companies
Credit Limit 2.6m Companies
Credit Rating 2.9m Companies
SIC Codes (2003 & 2007) 2.9m Companies
Job Title 8.6m Contacts
Job Functions 8.4m Contacts
Site Addresses 7.0m Sites
Site Telephone (non TPS) 2.2m Sites


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